It is now required to have a 6-8 ID number to register for most of our clinics and events. Please follow the below instructions to prepare for an upcoming program (and to be able to provide your unique 6-8 ID number when requested):

Instructions for the 6-8 App:
  1. if you haven't already, download the 6-8 Sports app from the Apple or Google Play stores
  2. once you have created a user account on the app, you also need to create an Athlete Profile for each athlete in your family
    Note: we recommend each family have one user account on the 6-8 app (email/ password to login). Within this user account you can create multiple Athlete Profiles (if needed)
  3. if you already have an existing Athlete Profile, check to make sure your gender and date of birth are correct and that your profile type is marked as "official"
  4. if you don't yet have an Athlete profile, create one by clicking on "Athlete Profiles" and then on the + button in the lower right corner. Make sure to mark yourself as "official"
  5. once you are inside of your Athlete Profile, your 6-8 ID is the number under your name