The individual game scoring feature on the 6-8 mobile app allows you to score your own games and keep track of your game stats within your Athlete Profile. 

To score a game, you need to create a new game by pressing the little plus (+) sign on the bottom right hand corner of the game scoring homepage. You will be prompted to enter in the basic information about the game and then create the game to start scoring.

Please note that we also have a product called the 6-8 Game Desk that is a separate iPad app for team scoring. Athletes who are scored by the Game Desk at a tournament will be able to view their stats and analytics within their mobile app profiles. 

If a parent or friend scores an athlete on the mobile app using the individual game scoring feature, these results will appear with the "My Games" section of the app as unofficial. 

If an athlete is officially scored by the 6-8 Game Desk at a tournament, these results will also appear in the "My Games" section of the app but will be official. 

Check out the Game Terminology definitions/explanations on this page: